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  • [INFO] Chat Enhancements

    TGNS monitors the first character of chat messages, both 'team' and 'all'. Begin your chat with the following characters to take advantage of the following enhancements.

    Execute commands: !
    Execute a client console command via its chat shortcut. Not all commands have chat shortcuts. See sh_help in your client console for details.
    Example chat: !whois wyzcrak

    Admin Chat: @
    Send a message only to all admins, including Guardians, regardless of team.
    Example chat: @ Wyzcrak won't stop harassing the commander. Can an admin help?

    Primer Chat: #
    Send a message only to TGNS Primer signers, regardless of team.
    Example chat: # You guys mind if I change the map after this game's over?

    Supporting Member Chat: $
    Send a message only to Supporting Members, regardless of team.
    Example chat: $ Thanks for making this server possible!
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    Darkilla: In short, NS is pretty much really fast chess. With guns. Apophis: I haven't seen anyone say that SM's are better than non-SMs. Nordbomber: This is THE first server I've seen where either side can comeback from out of seemingly nowhere with the right teamwork. en4rcment: I have NEVER experienced the type of gameplay that I have found here. Nightly I am amazed at the personalities and gaming talent. Zephyr: Apophis is clearly a highly sophisticated self-aware AI construct that runs on a highly modified toaster oven in Wyzcrak's basement.



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