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Steam Workshop mods and "Error: server mod out of date"

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  • [INFO] Steam Workshop mods and "Error: server mod out of date"

    This server runs the following Steam Workshop mods:

    Shine Administration (Change Notes)
    TGNS (Change Notes)

    If you try to join the server, but it denies you citing a differing mod version, it's likely because one of these Steam Workshop mods that we run on the server has updated (in the Steam Workshop) while a map is in progress on TGNS. You see, the server only checks for new versions of its Steam Workshop mods at mapchange. However, unfortunately, the server /always/ instructs your connecting client to go download the /latest/ version of the mod from the Steam Workshop. So, when a mod updates mid-game, no new clients can connect to the server for the rest of that map, due to the "mod out of date" client error (this is poor design -- either Steam Workshop or NS2... I'm not sure which, and there's nothing we can do to change it). Entry to the server at this point depends on a mapchange.

    If you click on the "Change Notes" links above, you can view the timestamps at which each mod was recently updated in the Steam Workshop.

    If you're being denied entry due to "mod out of date" and the timestamps /don't/ show recent updates of any mods, your game client files might genuinely have become malformed. In this scenario, you /might/ have some luck by verifying your game cache files, to bring them in alignment with the files on the server.
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