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A whole new level of NS2?

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  • A whole new level of NS2?

    I think the most amazing part of this game is team work. Sometimes one team has this swing where they can't be beat. I love it when I seldom have it and fear it when I seldom go up against it. It would be nice to have some people spectate and basically give out props to people and the teams that show great team work whether they win or lose. The right coordination at the right time can be a sure win and I would like to see it more often. Maybe that would really help break some of the long game stalemates. Maybe even record some of the fights that we have this and show the parts of great team work to encourage team work even more so on this server.

    Lights Out!

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    Re: A whole new level of NS2?

    I've been toying with the idea of spectating, recording, and casting a captains match but with the problems we've had lately (they were mentioned in another thread- short rounds, uneven teams, etc.) I haven't really felt it was worth the effort. If I ever have some time over the weekend I'll set it up though, could end up being pretty fun to watch afterwards.


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      Re: A whole new level of NS2?

      I know Denalb has been putting himself on more though I'm not sure if there is a recording function for it.


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        Re: A whole new level of NS2?

        I set up a Twitch account myself a while back just for kicks and to see how the streaming thing worked.

        Twitch on its own recommends the use of Xsplit as its default "free" program.
        Unfortunately, the "free" version is crippled to the point where it is horrendous for streaming anything other than your cat.
        They have many quality restrictions (720p, 25fps), and limit audio to .... Speex codec, 42.2 kbps mono.
        For anything better - even "AAC LQ" - you need to pay for it.

        Furthermore, though their tagline is "Going live is simple!" it was anything but.
        I ran into many issues trying to get it to even link up with my account.
        Eventually, it started working (randomly, because I could not figure out what exactly was the issue - it'd work one time and not work the next) and I tried to stream something basic - A round of Beat Hazard Ultra. Simple 2D game with music in the background.
        It was awful.

        If you guys want to stream, I was referred to an open source program by my friend, called OBS; Open Broadcaster Software.
        I's open source, so it's free, and has almost all your basic streaming options with no quality limitations. I imagine it doesn't have some of Xsplit's advanced features, such as the virtual green screen stuff and whatnot, but everything else you need to stream with is there, and more importantly, I was able to get it to link to my account and start streaming within 3 minutes of installing, on the first attempt. It never hiccupped, nor randomly decided it wasn't going to connect to my account. I ran another test with the same game, and the difference was night and day.

        Anyway, just my little experience with and xsplit, for anyone who's new to it like I was/am.
        If you just want to record, both programs also have that capability - simply set the stream mode to record to local file. I imagine something like FRAPS could do that just as easily, but OBS can optionally stream on demand.

        If you want to stream, I'd recommend your audio+video bitrate not exceed 3000kbps.
        I was a bit overzealous the first time and set it to 15,000 kbps because I figured heck, my upload can support it so why not?
        Turns out you need to account for the download speed of your watchers... most who are still on basic DSL or less, lol.
        I lowered it to 3500 kbps the last time I streamed, and a couple friends said they were still getting some buffering, so I will probably say 3000 is a safer ballpark.


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          Re: A whole new level of NS2?

          People stream Path of Exile all the time on Twitch and it works fine. I'm not sure how they set it up or anything like that, and knowing a few people who do stream commonly... I can say they certainly don't pay for anything to do so. Lol.

          And that game is MUCH more demanding than NS2 when you're in a dungeon party and everyone is casting spells and stuff. Not to mention the game is still beta so it's very buggy and desyncs often.

          Perhaps researching into how the PoE group streams via Twitch may help a bit with your efforts to stream NS2 via Twitch.

          I, personally, never really understood why people would ever stream an RPG. I sometimes afk in town for like 30 minutes at a time... and I'd hate to have people go, "Hmmm" while they watched me stand there. Lol.

          FPS is a different story, tho.

          Hope it helps.

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            Re: A whole new level of NS2?

            Originally posted by YerMom View Post
            People stream Path of Exile all the time on Twitch and it works fine. I'm not sure how they set it up or anything like that, and knowing a few people who do stream commonly... I can say they certainly don't pay for anything to do so. Lol.
            They are likely not using Xsplit, or if they are, then audio quality likely doesn't matter much.

            In terms of visuals, 720p and 25fps is still "ok" since that's about what your average 720p movie would be around.
            However, the bitrate for some reason was a bit lower than what I could set in OBS, which resulted in obvious artifacting when a lot of particle effects went off. (If you know Beat Hazard, you know there's never a time when particle effects are NOT firing off.) I could set it higher, but again, Xsplit kept deciding not to connect to my account and complain that my connection might not have been strong enough. 35mbps upload and I can't do 2500 kbps through it? Right.

            Still, that's not so bad. The biggest thing, besides it not working, was the audio was a complete mess. I knew I had to make a concession streaming that audio would have to be re-encoded from FLAC to some low bitrate stream, but 42.2 kbps Speex in mono-only is beyond awful. This is only good for transmitting basic voice data, nothing much more than that. Even 96 kbps mp3 files from 12 years ago sound better.
            With OBS, I was able to set my audio to 192kbps AAC, which is more or less transparent compared to the FLAC unless you are seriously trying to listen for the artifacting. (It's also the audio bitrate for Youtube at 1080p, apparently.) I would've been fine with 128kbps mp3 had Xsplit even given me that option (it doesn't) since it was at least the de facto bit rate for music a decade ago.


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              Re: A whole new level of NS2?

              I stream on a pretty regular basis. I use Twitch and Open Broadcaster Software. Having used Xsplit in the past, it's superior and free to boot. OBS can record your broadcast to your hard drive - I'm not sure what the level of compression is, though.

              A lot of people, myself included, are hoping for a spectator/HLTV system akin to NS1. We may get one, eventually.




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