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The double-post problem isn't on my list

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  • The double-post problem isn't on my list

    As admin: I don't have the expertise, access, or authority to fix the forum's double-post problem.

    As user: It doesn't happen to my posts (at all? often enough to compel me to report it to admins, certainly).

    Anyone reporting the behavior to "Contact > Site Administrators" (at the top of the page) may reliably set an expectation.
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    Re: The double-post problem isn't on my list

    I often click reply, and it seems like nothing happens so I'll just hit the back button on my mouse or click the general discussion link at the top of the page to find my post went through after all...

    Edit: It was almost impossible for me to resist posting a second time just to type double post.
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      Re: The double-post problem isn't on my list

      I'm not sure why it's happening to me, but I've noticed that when I click Post or Post Quick Reply, sometimes my Firefox browser will ask me if I'm sure I want to leave the page. If I click Stay On Page, it'll make me click Post again. If I click Leave Page, it'll double post.

      It doesn't always happen.

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