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faster empty mapcycle in response to "file not found" and "mods not loaded"

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  • faster empty mapcycle in response to "file not found" and "mods not loaded"

    What I've done:

    I've told the server to mapchange, when it's empty, every couple of minutes. This will allow faster automated recovery when Steam Workshop falls down.

    Why I've done it:

    Steam Workshop is the mechanism by which mods are loaded on the server. Mods are hosted in Steam Workshop, the server is told which to fetch, and it runs them only after it pulls each down from the Steam Workshop.

    Remarkably, there is no option for hosting locally on the server the mods which it needs at runtime. They're /cached/ locally, but the dependency on Steam Workshop is required, not optional or configurable.

    Shine, TGNS, and our custom maps are all Steam Workshop mods. If I screw something up w/ server config, and one of those doesn't download, our beloved server falls down in various ways.

    If I've screwed up nothing, but Steam Workshop doesn't answer when the server calls, similar symptoms manifest themselves. We can't connect, because the custom map isn't there ("file not found" is what we see), or we /can/ connect, but it's suddenly a vanilla server ("mods not loaded" is what we say to each other).

    If it's my fault, I'm around and I'll typically fix it quickly. A simple mapchange typically won't help if it's my fault.

    If it's Steam Workshop's fault, I'm typically /not/ around, but a simple mapchange gives the server another chance at calling out to the Steam Workshop. Maybe it'll answer.
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    Re: faster empty mapcycle in response to "file not found" and "mods not loaded"

    Requiring to download from Steam workshop... sounds like a security measure to me.


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      Re: faster empty mapcycle in response to "file not found" and "mods not loaded"

      Good ol' Steam... making it harder and harder to pirate (and unfortunately play games legally) daily.

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