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  • 9v9?

    While I love 8v8, 7v7 is alright, 6v6 is though, and 5v5 and less is painful. When the server is full, a change of a map can make the server not so great to play on. While I don't complain about peek times, most of the time we can see a couple people drop leading to more drops, until we are playing bots. While I am not a fan of the 12 on 12 servers, they don't have as much of an impact when a few people drop. I am wondering if 9v9 would still be fun to play, not over crowded, and will allow for less of an impact when a few people leave. As I have a lot of time on our servers, seeding can get old. It is worst when you have to reseed after a game or two. What would hurt if we try it out or up it to 9v9 during off hours?
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    Re: 9v9?

    I tried 9v9 about a month ago, after UWE so radically changed gameplay, for a few nights.

    It was very poorly received, by others and me.

    That disappointed me, as I'd hoped for 9v9.

    I was surprised by how much it changed the feel of the game.
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      Re: 9v9?

      Changing player count can REALLY effect game play. Anyone who has ever gone from a game like this to a game like Battlefield or Planetside knows that the more people you add, the more chaos ensues, and the less enjoyable singular experiences are. It does, however, amplify feelings such as accomplishment or satisfaction when a team wins a larger game. The feeling of satisfaction in PS2 when our 48 player group beats their 48 player group is like nothing I've felt before.

      As far as my personal opinion of this goes... I feel like we REALLY start messing with balancing when we get too many people in a game. It's hard for a Lerk or Fade to be successful already against a well organized team with weapons 1 and we've only got a max of 7 people shooting those lifeforms at one time. Just adding one more person is another possible 100 damage to a lifeform, another possible final bullet catching you as you leave the room... The same can be said for Marines.

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        Re: 9v9?

        Marine power increases exponentially as game size increases which is why (to be brutally honest) people that can't aim play on bigger servers. With the number of competent players that frequent the TG servers anything above 8v8 seems like a bad idea. I'd be more in favor of decreasing the number of slots if it were not for people leaving between games making smaller game sizes harder to maintain.

        Also performance.


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          Re: 9v9?

          Also for commanders the more players you have the more focus is on mechanics over tactics (which I see as a net negative).




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