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    Dark made a pretty good point in another thread.

    Originally posted by DarkScythe
    We have enough trouble training people to use !vr effectively, and you want them to memorize more commands?
    To be clear, I expect our Admin to do what is asked of them, and that's all. Commands are just an easier way to get that done.

    With that said, I think !vr is slightly out of skew with our idea of how we should communicate with people who may or may not be able to hear us. I've seen full admin several times remind people to make sure they confirm the ability to hear via voice and not via text. There is a very good reason for that. It's entirely too easy for someone to see the !vr text and say, "Oh my bad man... I can hear you."

    I would like to discuss changing !vr from a reminder about being able to hear to a warning directing players to the rules in the M menu. I think we would likely see !vr (or something of the sort) used a lot more often if it easily told people where the rules were and that they needed to follow them.

    I'd like to keep the functionality the same:

    Mom: !vr Wyzcrak
    Server: Wyzcrak please press M and click Info to read our rules. We expect everyone to follow them.

    At this point, the player has had the chance to read and follow our rules. Any incident afterward doesn't require any action from our admin other than a kick or another warning if said admin so chooses.

    I'd like to ask everyone to remember that admin police the server when there aren't any other regulars on the server. It's a lot more manageable for a person to do:

    !vr Wyzcrak
    !vr Roland
    !vr Aero

    Than it is to do:

    Wyzcrak, please stop cussing in the server.
    Roland, please stop damaging allied buildings.
    Aero, please be respectful to the other players.


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    Re: !vr changes

    There's /not/ an expectation that strangers on the server have read all of that immediately. It takes 15 minutes to read all of that.

    My guidance for checking these folks remains: use text (or voice, if you like) to advise and voice to verify. Do not use text to verify (them responding to your text doesn't validate that they can hear your voice).

    !vr is not a substitute for querying the suspect with your voice. It just gives them a helpful heads up so they know what's going on when you /do/ query them (very succinctly, if you like) with your voice.
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