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  • Shade first

    So I've been trying to come up with a good build for this hive. Here's what I usually do:

    Shade hive
    Cyst to expansion nodes
    Spawn drifter
    Drop 1 veil as soon as the hive is upgraded and build with drifter
    Use drifter to complete the 2 expansion nodes
    Hoard all res for next steps
    Drop another veil
    Drop last veil (you should be close to dropping it by the time the second one is done building)

    After that I try to coordinate my drifter hallucination micro with skulk engagements around the map. It seems its very easy to 'let' marines expand across the map while your team is using camo. I think I may try having everybody go for aura instead of camo and see if winning successful engagements increases. Also need to try something like this:

    Shade hive
    1 veil
    1 expansion RT
    2nd hive drop, gorge does tunnel between hives
    drop shade at second hive
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    Re: Shade first

    I think this would be an excellent strat for early 3rd hive on some maps. Do ^ all of that, but instead of dropping 2 more veils, have Aliens use aura with 1 veil (or ninja shadows with cloak), and gorge tunnel third hive early. Drop second hive in the least secure area, have gorge build and skulks cover and shade the area, and drop third hive in the more secure area that doesn't need so much coverage. Worst case, you lose third hive. Best case, you get 3 hives before the marines figure out what's going on. In fact, if I'm correct that you can drop a third hive while the second hive is not finished, and res permits, you may even hit 3 hives before marines hit A1/W1 if they went PG.

    And besides, who doesn't want to see a marine walk into a room with a hive and gorge building it and start blasting the gorge only to have 4 skulks appear from cloak at his ankles?

    And with all that said, I'd like to point out that it is much more difficult for a Marine to see a 1 veil skulk cloaked in a red (power has been lost) room than in a power never built room.

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