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Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

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  • Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

    First and foremost I'd like to thank everyone that shows up every Friday to participate in what has become a very sought after date on the calendar for most of our members. As the night has become more popular, tweaks and changes have had to be made to how the night operates; I'll address these new changes and rules in this thread.

    As it has always been, captain's night is always at 7pm CST every Friday night. Now that we have 2 servers again, the designated server for that night will be posted in THE FORUMS along with the password for entry. Both server and password will be posted approximately 20 minutes prior to start time which is 7pm CST. Not that many need it now, but I'll also execute the sh_broadcast to the other server to let those know of start time as a reminder. I know many of you are friends with me on Steam, but the forums are where you'll be expected to get the password from now on to start the night.

    This has become a big issue the past couple of weeks with regards to who gets a playable spot. While we don't have the complete demand of people waiting as spectators the whole night for a spot, we especially do earlier in the night. For captain's night you'll be excepted to play BOTH rounds of a map; if there are enough people to fill the 16 slots that want to play both sides, DO NOT opt into captains if you cannot play both rounds. If I catch you rage quitting mid way through a round or leaving a map prior to conclusion to play another game then you will not be permitted to play in captain's night the rest of the night or the following week. Emergencies that require you to leave are allowed yet please inform your team or captain of your predicament prior to leaving; leaving mid round because it's now time for dinner or because your friends showed up to go out is not an emergency.

    Opting In:
    Upon the start of the night or map change please wait to opt into captain's mode a few minutes so that others can fully connect. There is no need to opt into captain's prior to 7pm CST; we will start the vote promptly at 7pm CST so please make sure you are connected to the server beforehand. I want to have a natural 2-3 minute break for food / bathroom necessities after map changes, so once again do not opt into the captain's mode immediate upon connecting to a new map so that A) we can let everyone connect B) people can use the restroom or get a snack prior to a vote; this is so people aren't AFK during the selection process and pregame.

    Selection Process:
    This is classified as opting into the captain's mode and once a vote successfully passes the teams are created. During this time, the only communication on voice com should be that of the selected captain's or admins; feel free to type till your heart's content but leave voice com silent. If you are selected as a captain, please look down while holding the TAB button to view viable candidates for selection. If you are not wanting to play or cannot play, please immediately disconnect or move into spectate. Teams will be picked by captains. The two captains nominated will decide amongst themselves who will pick first and second. The first captain to pick will select their team and not a player, the second captain to pick will select their first player. The captains will then alternate picking one player at a time until their respective teams have 8 players including themselves. Captains be sure that during selecting a player to announce their name and the team you want them to join.

    This is for people waiting for a free slot to play or those that genuinely want to watch gameplay. Please remember to keep any tactical information out of the primer chat during gameplay; feel free to talk amongst your other spectating companions about gameplay in the spectate chat. If you are a spectator and want to play, please wait till a team requests your assistance in filling a spot; doing so prior may cause a disruption in gameplay as a player may have been disconnected but is in the process of reconnecting. Once captain's mode has been activated you can only rejoin a full server when the sh_fullspec mode has been executed prior to connection; this means that if you want to join either server when they are full on captain's night, make sure you've typed sh_fullspec in console (this can only be done once you've fully connected to a server). Please note that you may have to have opt in again on both servers since the data migration to Chicago and implementation of our second server.

    Please remember that even during captain's night you'll be expected to adhere to the full rules of the TGNS primer; any disrespect or excessive foul language will met with repercussions. Remember that most games are recorded so not only will your misconduct stand out to others but to the admins as well. To ensure we have great matches, please make sure you are cooperating with your team, not AFKing, communicating, and using teamwork to execute solid gameplay.

    Most matches are recorded and you can find replays of the various angles of gameplay in the thread created by Darkscythe on the general forums. Usually he posts a link to the previous night's gameplay the following morning as well as others that contribute to individual streams.

    Later in the night I will usually send out invitations to players that are not connected to the server that may be interested in filling a slot during captain's night. Feel free to add me as a friend on Steam so that you can receive these types of invites; my name is miragezors on Steam. If you're unsure about the following changes and rules, feel free to respond to this thread or message me on Steam.

    Most Important Rule:
    HAVE FUN!!!

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    Re: Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

    ... Tl;dr.

    Looking forward to tonight, as usual! Hoping we'll see a more varied selection of people opting into Captains as well.


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      Re: Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

      Server is Taunt tonight, please review the info above. Password is tgns456


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        Re: Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

        Lots of folks had a hell of a lot of fun tonight. Most won't come to this thread to say so.
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          Re: Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

          I had so much fun. You missed our successful LERK SWARM on mineshaft. Thanks again to all that came tonight and adhered to the rules till 1am CST :P See you next week.


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            Re: Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

            So my crude attempt to copy Wyz's crag at every RT strat, was perfectly countered by, the single arc at every one of my RTs strat.

            Then the marines had the world's most ambitious catpack rush, followed by the other team suffering under a terrifyingly successful gaggle of lerks on mineshaft. That was a pretty fun one to comm.
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              Re: Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

              Originally posted by aeroripper View Post
              That was a pretty fun one to comm.
              That was a fun one to play too!


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                Re: Captain's Night 1/24 - New Rules Please Read

                I had a great time, thanks for putting it on.




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