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  • get on the team you want, or ask for help

    "Aw, man... Marines/Aliens AGAIN."

    We've all heard it a thousand times in as many tones/inflections. Its "lol" novelty is ancient history.

    With apologies to those who are satisfied despite such expressions, I'll be largely removing these complaints, feigned or otherwise, from our experience on the server.

    We've been complaining in this way for a long time, so it'll take a long time to eradicate it from our lexicon.

    Meanwhile, continue to be as chatty as you please while you collaborate to switch to the team you want before the game starts.

    I'll continue to hear constructive feedback on the mods such that they cause less pain.

    But the long-past-novel complaining is on its way out, slowly but surely.
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    Darkilla: In short, NS is pretty much really fast chess. With guns. Apophis: I haven't seen anyone say that SM's are better than non-SMs. Nordbomber: This is THE first server I've seen where either side can comeback from out of seemingly nowhere with the right teamwork. en4rcment: I have NEVER experienced the type of gameplay that I have found here. Nightly I am amazed at the personalities and gaming talent. Zephyr: Apophis is clearly a highly sophisticated self-aware AI construct that runs on a highly modified toaster oven in Wyzcrak's basement.



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