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  • Death By A Thousand Papercuts

    I know I'm guilty of this. Seriously guilty. So I'm saying it first.

    We need to communicate in a positive way, and work as a team.

    We have some of the best players I've ever encountered in NS/NS2. Skilled. Understanding of game mechanics. Great at communicating.

    But more and more games devolve into what we should have done, or arguments over what didn't get done.

    Again, I know I'm guilty of it. I own it and apologize. But the games are getting less and less enjoyable because we're all splitting up and fanning out, with no support when requested. Then attitudes and tempers rise in the frustration. I think it's a healthy frustration. We know we're better than some of these games.

    Just play for the fun of it, but let's keep the banter positive and focus on that teamwork. Thanks!

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    Re: Death By A Thousand Papercuts

    I'm very guilty of raging towards the end of a loss. I never mean it to be an attack at anyone, but I know it has to come out like it. I've been playing with many of the same players since I started playing NS2 (I pretty much started playing when I joined TG servers), and I really only mean to try and push the limits of what everyone thinks they are capable of. My frustration comes from players doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, but always ending up the same. I try to help change that habit, but old habits die hard and usually end up with me yelling thinking they just don't want to get better.

    TG is unlike any other pub that I've played in. We aren't new players and honestly we are some of the best NS2 players in the game and a lot of times I forget that and treat you guys like we are in competitive play.

    If it gets too annoying just tell me to shut up and keep shooting.




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