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comms: slap that wrist of the regular who keeps disobeying direct orders

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  • comms: slap that wrist of the regular who keeps disobeying direct orders

    I'm hearing from multiple sources that we're having a few cases lately of regulars disregarding direct orders from commanders.

    We're all experts, after all.

    The following will, of course, be only rarely relevant, but I want commanders to feel comfortably and responsibly /empowered/ in these moments.

    As a commander, you may -- without warning -- remove from the server any Primer-signed regular who repeatedly or habitually -- and, in your assessment, knowingly -- disobeys your direct orders (given specifically to that person by name).


    ) is not your invitation to THREATEN to remove -- no drama, please

    ) does require that you be a Guardian, or that you can find one confident enough to enforce same at your request

    ) does not apply to strangers (you can remove them for same, but they get warnings/patience/etc)

    ) may be enforced even if you're otherwise happy w/ their general teamwork/communication/etc

    ) might cause others to heap blame on you for losing -- ah the burdens of leadership (seriously, though, listen and try to learn from their points)

    ) can be VERY hard to do while commanding -- you enforcing against egregious cases is more important than the single game you're playing

    If you feel threatened by this whole idea, follow your orders and, if you like, blame your commander when you lose.

    If you see an enforcement that you're concerned isn't aligned with the spirit of this entitlement, you're welcome to talk to an admin (and/or, if you think it helpful -- talk to the commander after the game -- and NOT on the server).
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