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Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

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  • Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

    Hey everyone,

    A couple of you know that I've been working on a new custom Civ for Civ5.
    It's been an interesting time, as my first foray into Lua coding has resulted in a script of several hundred lines of code to make my somewhat ambitious Civ abilities work.

    I've gotten far enough now where everything is basically working, but I need some help testing it, mostly for balance and such, but I do appreciate any and all feedback about it.
    I believe I have caught all errors* but if there are any more that I have missed, please make sure logging is enabled and send me those log files.
    Otherwise, most of the unique ability and building bonus numbers are all sort of pulled out of thin air, so there will be necessary balance changes. It sounds good in my head, but it never works out that way in practice.

    If anyone would like to help me test, please find the Civ in the Steam Workshop, or by going here:

    Note: If you're wondering why I am posting this here in the NS2 forum, it's because this mod is currently set to be friends-only visibility, and pretty much all of my TG friends are from this community.. so posting this in the Civ forum won't be of any use. If you would like to help me test, but don't have me on your friends list, please let me know and send me an invite. Don't blind invite though, I tend to ignore those unless I recognize who it is.

    Second note: This Civ requires the latest Brave New World expansion. If you do not have it, well, as luck would have it, GamersGate has it on sale this weekend for $7.50!

    *There still exists an error in the current v2 build on the Workshop, but it is minor, and I have code that corrects itself the following turn anyway. This is fixed in the upcoming v3, but I don't want to push out a new build for one minor bugfix. It will be pushed along with the next 'big' feature I am working into the Civ: A unique improvement + unique resource.

    Thanks, all!

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    Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

    Interesting, I've not played much of Civ5 myself and don't have Brave New World so can't help with testing atm, but hopefully you're getting some feedback on it Dark/Fate


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      Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

      Ah, it's okay Kronos. I appreciate the interest nonetheless.
      This game has actually come on sale at least 3 different vendors, including Steam, in the past weekend for some reason.
      But I'm sure it will be on sale again for Steam's summer sale.

      I am receiving a bit of very helpful feedback from Deadfish, Roland and Retraced who have generously donated some of their time to play with my Civ.

      On that note, I will be releasing a v3 balance update some time tonight.
      It'll attempt to re-balance one of the early unique buildings which was deemed slightly OP, as well as fix the last outstanding bug I found, and also provide preliminary access to construction of the new Apple Orchard unique improvement. However, until I get my icons done, the new Apple resource itself will not be implemented just yet. Once I get the icons finished, I'll have to add the resource, and then write some more Lua code to handle its effects, so that will take some time.

      If anyone else is interested in helping me test, feel free to let me know.



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        Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

        Interesting to find this here... you'd probably get a lot more traction in the Civ V forum.


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          Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

          both Civ 5 and the expansion are 7.50 on steam today


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            Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

            Was seriously considering getting the expansion on the sale, though have already spent too much on games over the past couple weeks as it is.


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              Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

              Ah, thanks for bumping this back up, guys.
              I missed this for some reason.

              draeh, I mentioned in my OP that since my mod is set to friends-only, posting in the Civ5 subforum wouldn't be very useful, since none of those players would be able to see the mod unless they were also active here.
              I will probably post it over there when I'm closer to completion and want more general feedback, though.

              If anyone doesn't have this game yet, I would definitely recommend grabbing the complete edition, as it does come with everything.
              In particular, the Brave New World expansion adds quite a lot more depth and variety into the game, and it's very enjoyable to play. I was on the fence for a while as well, despite mirage pushing me to try and get it, but I am glad I finally did find it on sale and bought it. It definitely feels more fun to play than vanilla, or G&K.

              With all that said, I am still looking for volunteers to help me run this mod through its paces.
              I have just completed a fairly extensive revamp of the Lua code in order to implement some new features and to change balance somewhat. I'm currently doing error-testing, but it seems to be going smoothly and I'm not seeing many issues with the code. I will be looking to release this as a v4 update to my mod in a day or so.

              Most of the features should be implemented at this point, and following the v4 update, there will only be 2 more features I need to implement in order to see this mod as "feature-complete."


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                Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

                Among many others. EDIT: Reply to Kronos, had unrefreshed page hiding new response


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                  Re: Off Topic: Civ5 BNW - Help test my Civ!

                  Bumping this up again -- I have just released version 8 of the beta.

                  It is feature complete, and the final push now is to get feedback on balance, polish, and bug-hunting.

                  Stuff that have changed and/or been added since the last time I posted here would fill several pages just from changelogs, but notable new additions are that she finally has her unique Apple Orchard improvement, a unique Apples resource, and she now also has 3 unique Wolf units to play with.

                  For more information, please see the thread I've created here:
                  [BNW] Looking for help playtesting new Civ - Civilization Fanatics' Forums

                  As everything is more or less near completion at this point, I'll make a post over in the TG Civ forum as well.
                  Otherwise, if anyone is interested in helping me playtest, please let me know here and/or on Steam.





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