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  • Ns2+

    There already is a CustomHUD thread here but since the mod's name changed I'm making a new thread. Feel free to put requests, discuss stuff specifically relevant to TGNS, etc...

    NS Forums thread for more general discussion and feedback (and if you want Mendasp to see it too):

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    Re: Ns2+

    I don't remember who requested this, but:
    - Added slider to change how long the damage numbers stay on screen. As long as they are on screen, the damage you deal will accumulate in the number... so if you want to know exactly how much damage you did on the onos and don't mind the number on screen longer, ramp this up as high as it goes. Default is 1 second, you can go less or more with this option.

    Other notable recent improvements:
    - There is an option to show "overkill damage". This shows potential damage instead of actual damage, so if you do a great shotgun hit on a skulk it would show 170 instead of only the 10 damage that was needed to finish it off.
    - Lerk poison shows damage numbers now too. Lerks, take note. This helps to know when your target is weakened, when the poison wears off, and should also help with tracking your target. It can be used almost like a weak version of aura.
    - Harvesters will attribute the kill to whoever last damaged it when they bleed out. This is a minor improvement but should help to reward the people who are pressuring alien economy, and also let the alien team know who to be pissed at. :)




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