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no comms: use text to tell of rule before kicking

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  • no comms: use text to tell of rule before kicking

    Verifying that a player can hear is the first thing. If he can't, remove him.

    Until you've verified someone can hear, voicecomm doesn't count as an administrative medium.

    I keep seeing people use only voice to educate about the rules people who... (presumably) can't hear voice, and I just facepalm.

    Use text to warn about the respond-to-voicecomm rule. Do NOT use /text/ to aaaaasssskk if someone can hear -- him responding "yes" with chat proves noooothing.

    In all cases, time your administrative communications such that he has a fair shot at responding (try to avoid firefight moments, etc). Also, if they have a name you're not sure how to pronounce, screw it -- do your best without slowing down -- that's their problem for choosing a "creative" name.

    Good (warn via text, verify via voice, drama-free removal):
    voice: Wyz, can you hear me?
    chat: !vr wyz <-- this puts onto target's screen text advising about rule and telling them how to chat to team (to respond)
    voice: Wyz, let me know you can hear me so you may stay and play. (please don't sound like a threatening jerk here!)
    voice: Last call for Wyz...
    chat: !kick wyz no_comms

    Bad (you've advised only via voice, which you're convinced he's not even hearing..??):
    voice: Wyz, can you hear me?
    voice: Wyz, hearing your team is required.
    voice: Wyz, let me know you can hear me so you may stay and play.
    chat: !kick wyz no_comms <--- problem! you overlooked the obvious chat medium for advising the player!

    Worse (you've verified he can read. you haven't verified he can hear!!):
    chat: Wyz, can you hear me?
    Wyz chat: yes
    chat: ok thanks!

    Two considerations:

    1) don't use the word "kick" in this dialog. It evokes an emotion that's liable to do more harm than good at this juncture. Focus on the reward of compliance (see my "stay and play" language above), and then just remove the player without further... threatening-sounding threat... if he can't communicate. If he comes back claiming he got no warning, he's wrong. Don't be a jerk about it (he might be, but try to cut him some slack if you can -- he just got kicked).

    2) You needn't clog already-crowded voicecomms to educate this so-far-silent person about chat/voice default binds. !vr tells him the default bind for team chat -- he can use that to learn more if need be. If you like, use the command twice on the same player before removing him.
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    Re: no comms: use text to tell of rule before kicking

    Bump. This is good to remember for all the people trying out the game again after 267.
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