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changing slots/balance to prioritize based on playtime instead of connected time

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  • changing slots/balance to prioritize based on playtime instead of connected time

    Reserved slots systems have long used connected time as a determining factor when selecting victims, but bumping the longest-connected player (our logic is not just that simple, but it's relevant in our logic) assumes that player has actually /played/ more than others. With our spectator setup, that's a bad assumption.

    I'm changing our slots logic that's long-used connected time to instead use /played/ time (time spent on a team while a game is in progress). "Time" is the last in a long line of variables considered by TGNS logic when finding a slots victim, but I think this will be an improvement: when time is the deciding factor, whoever's been actually /playing/ the most will get bumped.

    Unchanged: you can't get bumped from Spectate. The scenario this change protects against is that you've been spectating for an hour, finally choose to play, and soon get bumped instead of the guy that entered actual gameplay 10 minutes sooner than you did.

    Unchanged: connected time (and now played time) is tracked across mapchanges and stays with you, even if you switch servers, for your entire play session

    It may take me a couple weeks to iron out logic errors, but I'm convinced I can make this stick, so I'm sharing here and opening a venue for implementation problems/etc, if we need it.
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