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Custom map suggestions for TGNS servers

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  • Custom map suggestions for TGNS servers


    This map was made quickly taking parts of old(classic) docking and rockdown. This was done because the mapper didn't want to see all that work go to waste.

    Mod id: 136d050a
    Workshop: steamcommunity(dot com)/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=325911818
    UWE thread: forums.unknownworlds(dot com)/discussion/135708/ns2-forgotten


    Made by loki, same guy who did kodiak. This map was started by UWE to be official, and may become official when finished by loki.

    Mod id: eb0bbc6
    Workshop: steamcommunity(dot com)/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=246463430&searchtext=
    UWE thread: forums.unknownworlds(dom com)/discussion/134461/ns2-derelict/p1


    This is a remake of biodome, but now with an underwater theme. Even though it plays the same as biodome, it might be fun to have around.

    Mod id: 1281f7f3
    Workshop: steamcommunity(dot com)/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=310507507
    UWE thread: forums.unknownworlds(dot com)/discussion/135532/release-ns2-waterdome

    What do you think of these maps? Would it be fun and or worthwhile to try on TGNS?

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    Re: Custom map suggestions for TGNS servers

    All are on the server. None is in map votes (yet?).

    sh_changelevel ns2_forgotten

    sh_changelevel ns2_derelict_reboot (not ns2_derelict)

    sh_changelevel ns2_waterdome
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      Re: Custom map suggestions for TGNS servers

      Thank you Wyzcrak, was just saying the other day how much I love map variety, so more maps makes me happy at least!




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