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Mods dropping off of server

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  • Mods dropping off of server

    As of right now both servers have zero mods. I'd like to start filling the server but I can't turn on bots or anything because there is no mods. Just thought I would bring this up.

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    Re: Mods dropping off of server

    Thank you!

    This happens when the Steam Workshop fails to do its job of serving mods to the game server.

    The TGNS Portal has a "Reset Servers" page which allows you to change the map (aka "Reset" the server), to give the Steam Workshop another chance to do its job. The page is available to any player who has played 40+ games on TGNS and is opted into Guardian. All players must be in the Ready Room to use this feature, and it's always logged.

    I've just used the page to Reset both servers. Has it helped? Has Steam Workshop done its job?
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