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Natural Selection 2 Map Testing Positions Now Available!

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  • Natural Selection 2 Map Testing Positions Now Available!

    Cross-post from NS2 forums

    Good afternoon!

    Do you like custom maps? Do you have the stomach for greyboxes and layouts? Perhaps an artistic side? How about seeing
    things before they're public?

    The Community Development Team is in need of competitive players with free time and a drive to make the game better.
    By contributing your ideas, eyes, ears and voice, you can help play an active part in the development of one of your favorite
    games! You will get to see and play an integral part in upcoming map changes and test new and exciting maps
    unreleased to the public and before they may even see them!

    Applications are accepted worldwide, so don't be afraid.

    As an official Map Tester, your duties will include:

    *Overseeing current map tweaks & changes
    *Testing and critiquing unreleased map balance
    *Preliminary greybox testing
    *Mapping errors including collision and pathing
    *Playing lots of NS2 in scheduled games

    Expected tests will commence at 12 PST every Sunday, though a further concrete schedule has not yet been created at this time.
    After the first set of applicants have been accepted, we can narrow it down for second (or even third) tests per week. We want a
    time that works for you!

    There are plenty of positions available, but act quickly, as it's possible that this will fill up before you know it! If you've just
    happened upon this post, don't fret. You could be added in the next wave of additional applicants!

    Welcome to the NS2 Map Testing Application

    Feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns about anything related to this process here. We'll be sure to dispel
    any myths or shed light on anything in any way we can.

    -The Natural Selection 2 Community Development Team

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    Re: Natural Selection 2 Map Testing Positions Now Available!

    You say you're in need of "competitive" players. Is that correct? I'm guessing that's copy/paste minutia from an earlier share, and that all are invited to apply?
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      Re: Natural Selection 2 Map Testing Positions Now Available!

      Yes, all can apply, but we are mainly looking for people who know how to play the game at a higher level than pub level, which is most players on TG.


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        Re: Natural Selection 2 Map Testing Positions Now Available!

        ive put my application in, but i was honest enough to say i didnt play league or division, but i did have plenty of experience in beta testing and mapping on other games
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