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  • Sound and Voice volume

    Perhaps this is a shameless plug for myself, as I tend to be the only person who people can not hear.

    Regardless, if you have issues with hearing myself or any one else please check your game settings.

    o Turn music off. Seriously, this is just the sound track. you can hear so much more without it.
    o Turn Voice volume to max (1)
    o Turn Sound volume down

    Now you might think if i turn sound volume down, wont everything be quieter? Yes and no. Turning down sound volume will change the ratio between voice and sound. Now turn up your system volume. this will make everything louder.

    tbh, i don't understand why some people have any issues with voice volume and others do.

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    Re: Sound and Voice volume

    Concur entirely.

    Get your audio houses in order.
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      Re: Sound and Voice volume

      I run with sound volume around 35% and voice volume 100%. I can only imagine what it must be like for someone who has both at the same level. You'd never hear anybody.




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