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  • Can you hear me?

    I don't know where else to ask this and get mass response. People in game say they can hear me just fine. My in game name is Nordic if you don't know.

    The other night I called out a base rush a long time before it came. There were 90% regulars in the server. 3 onos in turbine coming to smelting for a base rush. No response from the team as they scatter everywhere else. 3 onos in routing coming for a base rush in smelting. No response from the team as they are literally at the opposite side of the map away from gates. The base rush is in smelting. The 3 onos kill our obs so quick we can't beacon. In the RR multiple marines commented, "We really did not see that one coming" or "Why did no one call the base rush?"

    It was a little frustrating having end game comments like that when I explicitly called out that base rush a good while before it made its way to smelting. I asked afterwords if my mic was audible and I got a lot of yes's. This sort of thing has happened before enough times where I think I am the one with a problem. I had a similar experience later in the night in decent also.

    So what is it that I am doing wrong. I am told I am audible. Is it my tone of voice? Do I just not sound convincing/commanding?

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    Re: Can you hear me?

    It happens. In the midst of everything else going on sometimes call outs are missed. If it's really important you just need to keep saying it until you get confirmation.

    Alternatively, some times when you're just giving information, people tend to ignore it... When you give people direction "there's onos coming to base, get back to base" it makes it easier to get the response you're looking for. Otherwise sometimes people think "it's someone else's problem", or don't understand the significance. I know I've heard the "blah blah aliens in east wing going topo" and in all the chaos not caught the significance of it and asked the very same question "why did no one call it?".

    Give the info, give the significance, and give the action you want people or the commander to take.

    If that doesn't work, start calling people out by name.


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      Re: Can you hear me?

      As Remi has said,

      Repeat and direct at people if critical.

      This is not a game where you can sit back and wait to fully understand what is being said to you. Unless you are in the spawn queue, a player should be looking where they are constantly, as well as watching the minimap, checking team status on score board (Weapons, how many alive right now), trying to hear things near by, trying to understand teammates, trying to read what is in chat, making sure your health and ammo is good and any other number of tasks.

      None can take full focus as an alien will try and get you when you are not looking.

      Players will tune out comms when something more immediately critical to them, say a skulk is attacking. It happens because you can't focus 100% on everything. Long term it is critical to hear the comm orders, but in the short term, players will be so focused on not dying and making the other thing die, that you could be speaking in Swedish for all they care.

      If you need a player to know something, use their name. Even tuned out, if a player hears there name well fighting, they will tune it in only slightly.

      Be aware they will hear and understand something like this <Player Name> <Fade or notable lifeform> <Behind you/ In next room>. No matter what you say, they are focused on the battle with whatever alien, so only basic, critical messages will get though. Abstract ideas such as get ready for an attack will be pushed out when they are fighting.

      Things like go to Topo, would be rejected as not instantly critical to surviving this fight, and can be asked for later. Things that are not phrased to sound critical, will get unintentionally ignored. Fade in Topo to someone that is fighting can be useful, but is contexed swapped for later unless you are in Topo right now. Fade in the room you just left is even better. Then it gets put up there as critical as where you just where becomes where you are very quickly.

      A lot of players don't ask afterward, and generally already have a good enough idea what they should be doing that they don't need to most of the time.
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        Re: Can you hear me?

        thank you both




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