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Starting spawn locations: ns2_veil_five

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  • Starting spawn locations: ns2_veil_five

    Please read the "mod: starting spawn locations" thread's opening post before posting in this thread.

    The stock possible starting spawn location pairings for ns2_veil_five appear to be (Marine, Alien):

    Skylights, Cargo
    Skylights, Pipeline
    Topographical, Cargo
    Topographical, Pipeline
    Topographical, Sub-Sector

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    Re: Starting spawn locations: ns2_veil_five

    Topographical / Pipeline starting locations made for a really bad game the other day. I'd vote to have that one removed since those are putting the two spawns adjacent and with the really long hallways both horizontally and vertically from C-12/Dome and Y-Junction/Dome and Cargo/Dome it is very easy for marines to box aliens in.




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