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    After a few weeks of work, I've put together an arc map for TGNS. I've been working with Wyz on this as well, as it was originally his idea that I put it together.

    We are working in tandem on this because it requires modding to make the map work the way I have designed it. It is no where near final version, but it is close to playable.

    We are going to be having a series of playtests for this map coming up over the next month or so.


    If I'm going to take time away from my kids to build something for you, you can take time away from your day to give me feedback about that project. If you can't be bothered to give feedback in the proper medium, then keep your feedback to yourself please.

    Wyz and I have accepted that this map may be a complete failure in TGNS. We're fine with that. The nostalgia of the old siege maps are enough for us, even if only realized once or twice.


    As it stands, the map is basically a straight line. There are teleporters in place that limit how fast the Marines can progress towards the arc points. These teleporters can be removed by "capturing" a point. I have set locations that Marines must stand on to gain points towards a trigger that will remove the teleporter restricting Marines. If Aliens stand on these points with no Marines, the points gained will be reduced at the same speed that they are accrued.

    There are two of these teleporters as it stands. The first is almost immediately after Marine Start. This area cannot be passed by Marines, but Aliens can access the area from above or by hitting the same teleporter and teleporting behind the capture point. Marines will have to stand on this point as Aliens are attacking them for X amount of time before the teleporter drops. Obviously these timers have not been tested for enjoyment, so it's not just going to be "15 minutes". This number will be dynamic as we play test. The same is true for the second teleporter.

    Once the Marines break through the first teleporter, they will be faced with the 5th hive location of the Aliens. This hive can either be ARCed or just attacked. This is the only hive that will allow Aliens to cyst on the ARC side of the map. Once Aliens lose this section of the map, the only way for them to attack Marines is through a series of teleporters from the Hive room. At this point, there will be no way for Marines to get in to the hive room. From this section of the map, and until Marines capture another "point", they can only ARC 3 of the final 4 hives.

    Once Marines have broken through the final teleporter wall, they will be able to reach The Reach. This is the only section of the map where ARCs can reach the back hive in the Hive Room.

    ***Mod Changes***

    Wyz will be implementing some changes to TGNS that only change the gameplay on this map. These changes will not be present anywhere else. These changes are obviously dynamic as we playtest and will change fluidly with feedback as long as feedback is presented in the proper method.

    Spawn time - obviously Aliens are going to be at a pretty big disadvantage. Not only is this map very linear, it is wide open and well lit. These things may change, but for the time being they will not. This means that Aliens need some sort of balance to the scales. This, hopefully, will be achieved via spawn times.

    Supply - being that this is an ARC map, supply is going to be a major factor in how the map plays. Wyz and I have discussed the ability to raise the amount of supply a commander can use. Obviously we don't want to crash the server, but we want the Marines to be able to use ARCs and turrets and MACs against the infinite waves of Aliens we're trying to create.

    Movement speed - depending on how the game plays out and where the advantages are, I'm going to be asking Wyz to consider changing movement speeds for certain teams. If I find that Aliens are at a distinct disadvantage even with the spawn time change, we will see if changes to movement speed will help them out. The same is true for Marines.

    Our ability to change gameplay is pretty much unlimited.


    I am limited in what I can do in Spark for a map such as this. I have to get pretty creative to make things happen in this map. There just isn't support for anything really outside of regular ns2 maps, so anything I do in this capacity has to be sort of a workaround.

    That said, I cannot stop ARCs from passing through teleporters like I can Marines/Aliens. Wyz and I discussed this when I realized it (in an "oh ****" moment). Wyz said he is comfortable sending 10 ARCs to a spot where they cannot be defended. If Aliens cannot destroy 10 undefended ARCs before it clears a room full of hives, then that is a fault of the Aliens, not bad design in the map. Please do keep in mind that this is possible, and respond to threats such as this in kind.

    There are other things that limit what I can do, but none are worth mentioning here as of yet.


    We realize that this is a niche map. It is not on the server to serve any purpose other than entertainment and seeding. Will it be the final map on Captains night? I don't know. But, hopefully, it will be fun while trying to seed the server if nothing else.

    This thread is not for feedback about the map itself. Please see above for a location to leave feedback. This thread is simply an announcement of the map and the playtesting, and an opportunity for people to put in their opinions about the idea itself. If you don't want to even try this in TGNS, this is the place to voice that concern.

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    Re: ns2_tgns_arclight

    I asked Mom for a romp map. Just a playground while we seed. We'll see if we can create novelty. This is an experiment.
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