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  • State of TGNS and Ns2

    The last 2 weeks I have noticed TGNS server seems to be empty more often. A month ago, I seemed to be able to play ns2 every night on tgns. I know most of us are adults, with lives, and some with children. Sometimes time is not possible to find. Only TGNS regulars really play on TGNS. Others players don't join us unless there is nothing else.

    Is this the beginning of a long term downturn in TGNS turnout? Or is it just the time of year?

    This next statement might be related. I used to try and seed the TGNS server. I never had great success doing this. I have added about 30 primer signers to my friends list. If about 20 were online, and I invite all 20, maybe 2 will show up and help seed. If wyzcrack were to seed, and he invited players he would see 15 show up. I have noticed that when wyzcrack calls, players come. I do not know exactly why he has much more success than me. He does have a larger list of people to invite from. It could be popularity also. This is not the point. Wyzcrack has been busy the last two weeks and has not seeded the server. TGNS has been nearly dead.

    Are others willing to help seed? Captains games seem to be the only night lately we can actually draw a crowd of regulars.

    A captains game on any server can do 3 things.
    1) It can make games take longer to start. I like some planning, but team selection takes so long sometimes. TGNS has never been too bad about this. Still though, team picking is slower than just forcing balance.
    2) Captains games are meant to be organized games. They are supposed to fill the gap between pub play and comp play. Lately TGNS captains games have not been very serious. They have just been pub games with team selection. Tonight miragezors was playing with us, and he tried to bring some organization. He did some excellent field comming. Some might of called him bossy, but sometimes that is what is required. Miragezors made our team play more like a captains night team is supposed to play like.
    3) If captains games are not taken more serious than regular ns2, then they can often be less balanced than force balanced teams negating the point of captains. If we don't take captains games more serious than just a pub game, then what is the point. Team balance is often worse, and sometimes the same as when we make teams with the force balance command.

    What do you think of the state of captains games?

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    Re: State of TGNS and Ns2

    You cited my success as a seeder. My popularity is mere icing. The cake is my carefully maintaining a curated list of TGNS regulars and consistently inviting them (and consistently maintaining the list such that folks who are no longer TGNS regulars get removed, so as to not harass folks). I invite ~50 players each night (I don't send invites for Captains Night), and it takes me ~1 minute to do it. People have slowly learned that it often yields results, and they want to be a part of that.

    I'm loving Captains Games lately, including a few folks who've recently Captain'd for the first time! The fellowship in the last ... I don't know how many... Captains Nights has been wonderful. I have had so much fun. I praised mirage for his field comm energy tonight. Players should try to create what they want in their gameplay! rad appropriately complained tonight to some players clogging voicecomms when they wanted to give up, and I'm so pleased that, on the whole, we're way better about avoiding that noise during games these days than we used to be -- WAY better -- I think it's because that's what most people want (keep the focus on the game until it's over!), and, to rad's point, I think we can get even better.

    Seeding is just another opportunity for folks to create what they want -- create the full server you want! We're a niche offering in a struggling title -- I'm glad each day to enjoy TGNS and all of you again! :)
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      Re: State of TGNS and Ns2

      Kind of a rehash, but I think part of what you're seeing is the general decline of the player base of the game itself, and after that, those who enjoy our type of play over the more general game experiences provided elsewhere. Beyond those issues, it'll probably pick up again when a new patch comes out and the arrival of winter.

      Sort of related, is there a part of steam friends where I can "invite all" to my current game? This would relieve some of the manual tedium.
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        Re: State of TGNS and Ns2

        Pretty sure there's about 20 guys here who would be playing TGNS1 if TGNS2 weren't available. Maybe not on the regular, but enough so that it would be a thing at TG.

        I don't think TGNS can actually die. I may be wrong, and it may prove me wrong tomorrow... but Wyzcrak, Aero, and myself have been around (more or less, maybe not immediately in the front, but around) for a very, very long time... and it's, honestly, thanks to Wyzcrak that this community even really exists. I think Wyz has, quite possibly, the best wife on the face of the earth. For all the times he has been up at 4 AM his time without going to bed working with me on maps, there have been 19 other times he's done it for someone else, or just for TGNS in general. Obviously, he isn't a one man community, but his resolve to provide us with an environment that we can all enjoy is nothing short of legendary.

        It is, in all reality, like some sort of fabled epic that could be told over the course of several years. The same level of dedication in times of old would be heralded by bards across the land.

        That said, it takes a community to make a community. I haven't been around a lot lately because I picked up Pillars of Eternity and a few other titles that I've wanted for a long time and I've devoted my time to that. I've even dropped my custom seeding maps project for those games because I've been so interested in them. But, those games are single player games, and while they have replayability, they're going to get boring at some point. TGNS never gets boring.

        I've noticed a few other guys playing Elite: Dangerous that would otherwise be playing TGNS because Elite was on sale the other day for like 1/2 off, which, from what I can tell, was the first time it was ever on sale. That means that a lot of people who are more into the whole space alien genre of games (like the vast majority of us) are probably all lost in space somewhere right now. From what I've heard, that game eats gamers for lunch.

        Plus, like aero said, a general decline in NS2 gamers. Most people see NS2 as just some deathmatch fest with some sort of strange strategy involved. Very, very few people play like we do. That means it gets boring fast for other people. How many times can you fly around and go 40-2 before you're just like "meh"? The big thing for TGNS is that we play for a reason other than killing each other. It's the only FPS I've ever played that can say that. That's why it's so strong.

        It'll be okay. One way or another. I think Unknown Worlds has made enough money off the franchise that they're likely not going to skip NS3, if they even need to go that far. Maybe I'm wrong, but one way or another, I think TGNS will live on for quite a while, anyway.

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          Re: State of TGNS and Ns2

          I fell in love with NS1 back in 2001 when my friend told me to download it, and almost died when I encountered my first fade. I continued to play NS and purchased NS2 well in its alpha stage.

          I don't post much in the forums, and maybe I should be more active, I just don't always have the time. I really enjoy the community we have here, and my brother Hax and I (BileJob) make NS / NS2 a large part of our lives. We are always talking about it and have been huge supporters of the game. We went to a LAN party and gave out 20 copies of NS2 in raffles. I have noticed the general community has declined, but I do believe there is still a strong community.

          When I have time to play, I notice that the servers are either empty or full and you can't join. I beleive this is a problem for the NS platform, because it makes it hard to play a game with 3 people. I believe the developers or community should make a map or mapcyclelist with maps/mods that can be played with low player counts (2-6 players). Wyz made a good map option called arclight and I believe this is one of (a future) many that could be used to seed unused servers. I also believe that the code for the server need to be optimized. It unimaginable that you have to overclock a processor to get it to run well with players above 16.

          Hax and I always try to play on TGNS. We have seeded the server many times, and try to get more people to become regulars. I would like to thank Wyz and others for all their hardwork and support in the community.




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