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Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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  • Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    Thanksgiving has long been one of my favorite holidays. Fellowship and feast! We all have problems, and spending just a moment being grateful for the good stuff is delicious.

    I was recently reading an Unknown Worlds forum thread wherein players explained how they originally found Natural Selection. In it, there was mention of significant life events which had occurred since finding NS -- graduation, career, marriage, children, etc. It gave me pause to see that. Save some downtime between the two versions, I've been doing NS and TG for over 13 years now. I've had many significant life events in that time to say... the least. Other TGNS regulars can say the same about their time here.

    Being ever-consumed by "real life" makes it easy to take for granted the joy that NSPlayers have consistently created for me for many years now. The creativity, sport, fellowship, and recreation of this game and community have been a grand source of goodness for me. Code fascinates me. Gameplay entertains me. Appeasing players and computers challenges me. Altogether, it's great fun.

    I continue to enjoy and appreciate the time spent with all of you. I appreciate very much your many talents and offerings. I appreciate your patience when I do poorly. I appreciate your praise and excitement when things go particularly well. I appreciate your reliable participation when nothing particularly exciting has happened here in a while.

    In short: many thanks for your time and attention, and Happy Thanksgiving! :)
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    I can safely say that I've been with TGNS for probably 2/3 of the time you have. I'm appreciative of your commitment. Those of us on the back end are blatantly aware that without Wyzcrak there is very little TGNS. I feel confident it would have withered away months if not years ago without you.

    That commitment not only allows me to enjoy the gameplay but the people as well. I can only hope that my son has an environment that fosters the same ideology in him as TGNS has in me.

    Thanks for all the years, Wyz, and everyone else.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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      Re: Happy Thanksgiving! :)

      I wanted to thank everyone who contributes to the TGNS community, and hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving.




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