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Idea for new map/mod?

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  • Idea for new map/mod?

    Hey all,

    A while ago we were chatting on the server about other ideas for a new mod (possibly for low player count, but not necessarily), and someone reminded me of the old Counter-Strike VIP maps where you had to escort one player out of danger.

    I've been thinking about it a bit, and I think we could make a wicked "Rescue" map in NS2.

    I'm picturing it like this:

    1) no marine comm
    2) Alien kham (optionally), but either no, or few, res towers (to limit the pace)
    3) Marines have to work there way in, and then back out with a Rescued person (they have extra armour, health, but only pistol and axe)
    4) there could be strategically placed "safe rooms" where marines can stock up on ammo, weapons, etc. This could be where they respawn as well.
    5) WELDABLES!!! one of the key aspects should be locking out certain paths of the kharaa to take; lockign doors behind you. We could put upgrades in certain rooms that need to be powered (shoudl take longer to power, but be indestrucable, or something)
    6) The way in wouldn't have to be the way out; I wonder if we could put triggers so that some doors could open/close when a room was powered, or weldable was welded.

    Any other ideas? Anyone interested in seeing if we can build it?

    I'm not even sure how much help I can be; i've tried mapping, but the editor doesn't work well on my pc for some reason... But i can sketch up some designs and stuff.


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    Re: Idea for new map/mod?

    If we can get a few folks excited about someone's design, I'll commit to writing some code toward this, for sure. I can handle baby steps.
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