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  • Guaranteed Game Night

    Let me pitch you guys an idea. Tell me what you think.

    I posit we schedule games or available time using a shared calendar.

    I expect no moderation of this, and there will be no punishment if you sign up and then don't show up.

    I want to be clear, putting your name on this calendar doesn't mean I, nor anyone else, will expect you to show up 100%. It just says, "Bob is available from X AM to X PM on X day to play TGNS".

    If you decide you want to say "I will be there at X time" you can add that to the calendar and other people will be able to see that.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- offers a free team calendar. With this link, you will have admin access to the calendar.

    If we decide we want to do this, you can either post your "available" time here, or you can just post it on the calendar.

    You should be able to just click on a day and add your name (Who) and the time you'll be able to play (More).

    If you decide not to use the calendar and instead post your availability here, then please do so and tag [MENTION=56359]YerMom[/MENTION] when you do. I'll try to keep on top of adding you to the calendar.
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