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  • Captains by election

    I want to preface this with the idea that I might by trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist, but this is just something that came to me.

    I think that the problem of reluctance to captain may be aided by allowing people to elect captains. Simply, instead of saying "I want captains" in the interface, you vote for who you want the captains to be.

    Things I'm sure about:
    -People should be excluded from being elected back to back, to prevent the same two people getting voted for because its easy.
    -People should be allowed to opt themselves as a captain without being voted for. As a subpoint, this means that captain volunteers will be asked for, and either a timer started or Wyz operating manually to provide a volunteer cut off. At that point people opt in by voting for captains.

    Things I'm not sure about:
    -Should people vote for two captains, or just select one name and the two highest scoring be selected?
    -How do you change the preferred opting system for prior captains/last round specs/etc to fit in?
    -Should people be allowed to opt in to play, but explicitly remove their possibility to be elected?
    -Should only primer signers be eligible for vote? Should there be other limitations?

    So this is vaguely how captains work for Gathers. For those not familiar, basically they are pug 6v6 scrimmages. People opt into the gather queue, and then when there are enough people they vote for captains and go from there.

    I would expect that this change would result in very few, if any volunteer captains. I'm not certain how people will react to being voted as a captain, but I'm hoping that the validation of being elected for the position will supersede the forced aspect of it all. Personally, I don't really see a reason to implement this change. Captains nights seem to be flowing pretty well as is, more and more people are stepping up with the repeated encouragement. Just an idea to consider, though.

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    Re: Captains by election

    Thanks for writing this up. It's good branstorming!

    We've already succeeded in improving sh_iwillcaptain adoption a noticeable bit by green-highlighting scoreboard rows of players who have played as Captain during the last several hours. That's one baby step. I think we might expand the early opt-in rights to all such players (as opposed to the status quo: two /most/ recent Captains only). That would be another baby step.

    So, I don't think I'm looking (yet?) for a change as drastic as what's proposed above, but it might prove necessary if some of our more subtle efforts don't yield results.
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      Re: Captains by election

      I know we have the sh_nominate function already in the M menu for maps, the same logic might be applicable to the nomination process of a captain.

      When the captains command is executed by an admin, allow people to opt into the pool of players by selecting sh_iwantcaptains in the captains menu; allow 30 seconds for this option.

      After the opt in process has ended, a new 30 second nomination process begins from an available list of players that opted in to play the captains game. Players will be excluded from being nominated if they have captained in either of the last two maps; just as previously played map names are excluded, a players name will be excluded in the available choices. The two highest voted players will become the captains.

      You could still keep the same pre-opt in rules for previous captains and SM's that are allowed during the opt in process. Not sure of the coding since current mechanics require 2 captains for mass voting.

      I do however think that previous captains should get their choice of map to use their early opt in rights over it being defaulted to the next map.




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