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Reserved Slots logic change

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  • Reserved Slots logic change

    Reliably including both new and old friends in gameplay is tricky. Invite too much new, and gameplay loses its familiar essence. Cater too much to old, and stagnation looms.

    Primer signers must now have 40+ Karma to bump mid-game. <--- view yours here

    All other unchanged logic retained, all Primer signers may still bump pre-game, all Supporting Members may still bump anytime, and anyone may still choose to Spectate when there's room.

    There's no published list of how to get Karma. Its distribution and decay are fully automated, and you generally earn it while playing and spectating on the server.

    Thank you to all of you who make TGNS such a fantastic place to play. Hopefully this will encourage more TGNS enthusiasts, new and old, to join us more often.
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    Darkilla: In short, NS is pretty much really fast chess. With guns. Apophis: I haven't seen anyone say that SM's are better than non-SMs. Nordbomber: This is THE first server I've seen where either side can comeback from out of seemingly nowhere with the right teamwork. en4rcment: I have NEVER experienced the type of gameplay that I have found here. Nightly I am amazed at the personalities and gaming talent. Zephyr: Apophis is clearly a highly sophisticated self-aware AI construct that runs on a highly modified toaster oven in Wyzcrak's basement.



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