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Captains Night 4/15 - 8 PM Central

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  • Captains Night 4/15 - 8 PM Central

    Anyone familiar with our rules is welcome to join us tonight at 8PM Central for a curated, password-protected event (I'll post the password in another post below just before 8PM Central). Here is a rundown of the event:

    Throughout all of Captains Night, use the player name by which TGNS regulars best know you. Captains Night is a special time to come together with known regulars and friends.

    Playing BOTH Rounds:
    Don't play unless you can reliably stay for the entire map (mid-map emergency? tell your team and bail. dinner and/or friends showing up does not an emergency make).

    This expectation is important to participants, and admins protect it.

    Taking a Break:
    Each map begins with a two-minute break for food, bathroom, and fellowship. Except for these breaks, don't AFK during the event.

    After each break, the Captains are identified for the current map.

    Becoming a Captain:
    TGNS regulars known to participants are invited to Captain and personalize team selections on Captains Night. The first player to volunteer as Captain selects his opponent Captain. This selection should prioritize gameplay quality, while the team-picking selections should prioritize competitive strength.

    Opting In:
    Player opt-ins open up once both Captains are ready. If you miss the opt-in window for a given map, speak up and we'll get you playing on the next map for sure (if not immediately).

    Selecting Teams:
    As team selections begin, listen for instruction. Only Captains speak during team selection -- text chat is always available to everyone (and, of course, voicecomm opens up to all players once teams are formed).

    Captains Night is everyone's curated opportunity to apply our most satisfying teamwork, communicative tactics, and great fellowship. Try your hardest, but have fun together!

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    Re: Captains Night 4/15 - 8 PM Central

    Password is tgns4567

    This link should get you in:

    steam://run/4920//+connect 23.105.33...sword tgns4567

    I've had reports that the server isn't showing up in the server browser. So join off a friend, or use the link.


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      Re: Captains Night 4/15 - 8 PM Central

      Holy hell, the first game of the night was particularily awesome! Thank's for the amazing games!
      Natural Selection name: Fodderkill. Why Fodderkill? Well, its because im so easy to kill hahaha!
      "Why don't Fades ever die?"
      -Universal question almost all new players ask at some point, even if they n ever say it.

      Forum name: Fat B Man
      Ingame name: Fodderkill

      Just call me Fodder on TS or whatever


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        Re: Captains Night 4/15 - 8 PM Central

        A lot of good games this night!


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          Re: Captains Night 4/15 - 8 PM Central

          Awesome games, especially that comeback on tram. I'll try to upload some videos later. :)


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            Re: Captains Night 4/15 - 8 PM Central

            Awesome games!




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