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    Reading the primer I saw that it had a screenshot with an NS2ID in it. I have had my full steamid (STEAM_0:1:1738710) in my profile for a long time, not in the format from the screenshot. Is it working correctly as-is or do I need to change to NS2ID?

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    Re: SteamID in Profile Question

    You have filled out your forum profile's Steam ID field. You have not filled out your forum profile's NS2ID field.

    Your forum profile's Steam ID is not used by TGNS.

    Your forum profile's NS2ID is used to teach TGNS that you're a Supporting Member. If you ever become one, be sure to put your NS2ID (it's a purely numeric value -- no letters -- a la 3477421) into your forum profile's NS2ID field. If you're not a Supporting Member, there's no practical reason to put your NS2ID into your forum profile.
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