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  • 298 patch notes

    Some gameplay changes to be aware of for tonight's games.


    Tweaks / Improvements

    When a team concedes, everyone is treated to a short sequence showing all the conceding teamís players and structures being destroyed.
    New Server Browser:
    Highlighting custom gamemodes better by having only two filters, NS2 and Modded
    Restructured all UI elements for better usability and to better feature the two main filters
    New fancy color scheme and artistic design
    No longer showing relative server skill, since it was not very useful
    Search bar will search for both matching map names as well as server names
    Added an option to disable health bars for those that prefer less visual clutter
    Spectators will be able to see nameplates from further away than players
    Enemy health bar tweaks
    Changed armor color to be more readable
    Bile Bomb and spores now also mark enemies
    Melee attacks now cause enemies to be marked for longer (5s instead of 2s)
    Fixed that health bars were disappearing semi-randomly as they got close to the edges of the screen
    Added a new achievement for collecting all 15 of the random drop items
    Corrode damage type changed to be more effective vs exos and less effective vs players
    Damage reduction to player armor changed to 12% (was 23%)
    Damage reduction to to exo armor changed to 40% (was 30%)
    Phase gates have more of their eHP moved to armor and now has 1500 health and 800 armor (was 2000/550)
    Fade blink movement changes
    Vertical speed can no longer be converted to horizontal
    Celerity will have a slightly lessened effect on changing direction
    Ability to change direction without celerity has been improved
    Marine HUD Parasite icon displays the time left on parasite effect, for Marines
    Gorge Webs
    Now available at biomass 0 and can be placed for Free!
    Limited to 3 Webs maximum
    Enemies will be parasites for 10 seconds if they walk through a web
    Web slowdown effect changed to a 25% reduction (was 85%)
    Slowdown duration now lasts for 1.5 seconds (was 2)
    Gorge Babblers
    You can now only place one egg, but it will spawn 6 babblers
    Babbler movement speed increased to 7.5 (was 7)
    Babbler damage type changed to Structural (double vs structures)
    Babbler damage reduced to 8 (was 10)
    Gorge Tunnel:
    Costs reduced to 3 (was 4)
    Increased the amount of personal resources each resource tower grants per player from 1 to 1.25 per minute (by 25%):
    Reduced Alien starting personal resources to 12 (from 15)
    Lowered Marine starting personal resources to 15 (from 20)
    Reduced Lerk personal resource costs to 18 (from 20)
    Onos Gore:
    Damage lowered to 90 (from 100)
    Energy cost reduced to 10 (from 13)
    Nutrient mist now prevents structures off infestation from taking damage, and prevents disconnected cysts from taking damage. Also heals cysts at half crag efficiency. It no longer requires infestation to be placed.
    Improved damaged exosuit effects as well as minigun and ricochets, to be less vision obscuring (Thanks IronHorse!)
    Umbra changes
    Duration of umbra cloud reduced to 4 seconds (was 5)
    Radius of umbra cloud reduced to 4 units (was 6)
    Flat damage reduction vs all weapons changed to 25% (was 33% vs shotguns, 30% vs Minigun, and 32% vs Railgun)
    Improved fade blink effects to be less vision obscuring (Thanks IronHorse!)
    Reduced the damage Power Surgeís overcharge deals to 25

    Fixed that certain commanders abilities e.g. Power Surge did not cost anything.
    Health bars show when a marine is being healed over time by medpacks, again
    Insight health bars are far less colorful (will no longer show parasite and poison status)
    Fixed issue with nameplates allowing players to see where enemies were through walls, if in close proximity
    Fixed issue with fade blink sound sometimes getting stuck looping (Thanks xDragon!)
    Fixed that the crosshair will blink red when players respawn
    Fixed that the nav mesh initialized incorrectly causing issues at some maps (Thanks ZycaR!)
    Fixed that directional damage feedback was only updating at 25hz

    Completed Finnish translations (Thanks MisterOizo!)

    Improved camera movement in Cinematic Editor

    Changed dimensions of Ready Room join entity to prevent players from being stuck
    Added missing lights in Ready Room
    Fixed various floating props throughout Cargo and Dome
    Lowered the infamous head-height trashcan. RIP.

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    Re: 298 patch notes

    I'm excited for these changes, but I hope they didn't change the fade too drastically. >> I'm a bit uneasy about that babbler buff vs structures.




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