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A fun diversion (bomberman clone I wrote)

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  • A fun diversion (bomberman clone I wrote)

    Several years ago, I set out to remake my favorite computer game from when I was a kid. Some of you may remember this qbasic game called "Dynamite Men":

    I wanted to remake this, so I did. I cloned a bomberman clone. But I couldn't stop there. I added many new items and tweaked the gameplay mechanics and generally had a blast playing the game with my brother. In my not so humble opinion, it is way more fun that any official bomberman game.

    When the "Ouya" android game console was announced, I thought this would be the perfect platform for my game. I rewrote the game from scratch in Java, replaced the graphics with my own programmer art, and obtained rights to some chiptunes. Then I released it on Ouya under the name "BoomBoom" where, like so many other games, it was a total flop. I don't think it ever made its way out of the "sandbox" category at the bottom of the Ouya store. Oh well. I'm still proud as heck of this game even though nobody plays it.

    Anyway, it has just been sitting on my hard drive for the last several years. Time to end that. I've uploaded a PC version to my dropbox. It may run on Mac or Linux, but I have never tried. You need at least two XInput-compatible gamepads to play it (xbox, logitech, etc). I realize few people have PC-compatible versions of just one of these, let alone two. But here it is all the same.

    Oh, and a sibling, friend, child, or whoever else would be sort of necessary too.



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