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sh_vrkick : remove strangers who fail your voicecomm vouch efforts

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  • sh_vrkick : remove strangers who fail your voicecomm vouch efforts

    Regulars often vouch strangers' ability to hear voicecomm, and that improves our overall gameplay experience SIGNIFICANTLY. Many thanks!

    Even so, I commonly see Regulars begin their personal flavor of our voicecomm vouching protocol, only to never finish it despite the target never demonstrating any ability to hear voicecomm. This isn't good. It teaches other regulars that interrupting/duplicating someone else's vouching efforts is necessary (which creates confusion at least, and inefficiency/ineffectiveness at worst), and it commonly results in gameplay with strangers who cannot at all respond to voicecomm when it's critically important for them to do so.

    Most regulars who begin the protocol and don't see it through to an unresponsive target's removal from the game server ARE willing to remove the target at the protocol's completion, but they're not able to themselves without opting into Guardian, which is a much larger commitment with a much wider scope than vouching voicecomms in strangers, and they too often can't be bothered to ask an admin (or Guardian) for help enforcing. So they just shrug their shoulders and move on, leaving the rest of us (and themselves) to tolerate someone who doesn't meet our (and their own) expectations.

    So I've created a command that lets any Primer signer remove any stranger if the Primer signer has recently executed sh_vr against the target (sh_vr is what you execute when you click a stranger's voicecomm bubble on their scoreboard row -- it sets the expectation in writing).

    sh_vrkick is now available to all Primer signers, regardless of Guardian status. Use it to remove from the game server any stranger who has not responded to your voicecomm vouching efforts. Click the voicecomm bubble on the scoreboard for the stranger, as you always have, and then follow up with sh_vrkick if they don't respond after you've warned them that responding to voicecomm is required to play on the game server.

    We'll all see training text on the game server about how to use sh_vrkick, but I can answer any questions anyone has about timing, technique or other details. Nothing has really changed about the "ask, warn, remove" protocol -- this new command just makes it easier to see it through to proper completion when the target is not responsive.

    Hopefully, more regulars will demonstrate a willingness to vouch strangers once they realize they're independently empowered to fully enforce the expectation properly. Ideally, we'll all learn we needn't interrupt other regulars when they've already got an effort underway for a given target.

    Feedback welcome. Please report defects.
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