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regulars can restart the game server

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  • regulars can restart the game server

    Long ago, I enabled regulars to "reset" the game server via the TGNS Portal -- cycle the map to let a notoriously defective Steam Workshop make another attempt at loading mods which had failed to load. That feature became obsolete with UWE's release of the mod backup server, which TGNS has since employed to quite reliably serve mods to the server and clients.

    Even still, that feature never allowed a regular to restore the game server from an altogether unresponsive or offline state, and so I've added a new feature to the TGNS Portal.

    Restart Servers allows you to restart the game server when it is not responding to queries. It's designed to empower regulars to return the game server to a connectable state when it has become frozen or fallen offline for some reason. You'll notice that the page offers no servers to restart when the game server is healthy and accepting clients and queries.

    It's very rare that I take the server offline such that I need it to remain so, so don't hesitate to use the feature at any time.

    You can find a link to Restart Servers on the Server Info page.
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