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TGNS Replay index: see games you played in, and see what cameras are captured

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  • TGNS Replay index: see games you played in, and see what cameras are captured

    TGNS Replay's index list of games now shows two additional pieces of information:

    ) it underlines games you played in, even if you didn't upload a recording

    ) it shows a distinct list of which camera views are available (any of Alien, Alien Commander, Marine, Marine Commander, or Spectator)

    This helps in choosing which game to watch.

    Also, as side-by-side viewing isn't feasible from mobile devices, I've changed the user experience on mobile devices such that it's easier to watch any one recording after choosing a game from the list.

    Here's a QR code, if you'd like to use it to familiarize yourself with the Replay site from your handset:

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