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Help me with my NS issues!!!!!

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  • Help me with my NS issues!!!!!

    Here's my deal: NS shows my framerate to be ~71fps. But display of frames and text updates are very very very jerky. Tried messing with VSync, changing rate/cl_updaterate, and updating video card drivers but no luck. I have an ATI 9600 Pro running WinXP. Any ideas out there? Ever since I got the new video card it's been really crappy, which is surprising since I used to run a 3year old kryo4500 with no problems whatsoever. The problem must be in the video card setup but I can't seem to find any other settings to change.

    It's been way too long since I've been able to play :(

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    Run HL using OpenGL, not direct3d. Make sure you don't have any anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering forced in your driver setup. Check that your video card is running using an AGP mode that your motherboard supports. Try changing the AGP aperture size in your BIOS (64/128/256/...).

    Is it just NS, all HL, or only multiplayer? Single-player performance okay? Any problems with other games?
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      Thanks. I went through all of the settings you mentioned and I think I am OK now. I think it was some conflict between my driver settings and powerstrip (which I'm forced to use as it's the only way I can get gamma to 'stick' when switching to opengl games). Looks like I can get in the game now!!!




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