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If you think someone is cheating...

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  • If you think someone is cheating...

    Due to vac being disabled on the server we may get more people that are cheating/hacking playing on it. If you think someone is hacking/cheating here is a correct way to deal with it:

    Don't accuse people of hacking using any kind of chat, even teamchat or voice. This doesn't solve anything and only leads to problems.

    Don't join spec in the server, the person will most likely know you think they are cheating, also this takes a slot on the server for someone who isn't playing.

    Join HLTV. type connect in the console. Most people don't even know HLTV is always on the server and it records every game.

    Contact an admin:
    Sometimes wyz is around in #tacticalgamer on gamesurge.


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    Re: If you think someone is cheating...

    1) do as he says
    2) give him positive rep

    He's got it down perfectly. PM me if you have questions. There's really nothing to say here.
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