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The Catpunchers.

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  • The Catpunchers.

    We are a cal-omega clan looking for recruits this season. Preferably from tactical gamer.
    Join #thecatpunchers and PM me for information.
    We will practice 8pm est mon-thursday. And on weekends, when we figure out the best times.
    Basically we want to improve team skills over everything else. Teamwork, ambushes, dynamics, and overall understanding of the game.

    Hope to see some familiar faces.

    Right now the catpunchers is me, Don.Mac, and Pfhor.

    Note: We have tryouts, it's not a sure process, but in true TG fashion, the tryouts are not what you might expect.

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    Re: The Catpunchers.

    Originally posted by Psi_RedEye22
    Rumor has it that there will be no Omega or Delta next season, just one division.

    In related news, Smitterton Middle is playing the Tennessee Titans for their homecoming game next week.
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