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    Are sqripts illegal or an exploit here, like say a pistol sqript or a fade bunny hopping ect. lol i had a player ask me if i had a pistol sqript i was like ya right. Anyway im just trying to improve skills, if its not illegal can somebody guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: Scripts

    It's not illegal to use scripts here. There are exceptions to that, but, as they're exceptions, we'll address them individually, and only if you use them. Proceed with your scripts.

    Anyone wanting to share helpful information about scripting in this thread may PM the information to me. I'll post it in this thread.

    The thread is locked to avoid the inevitable (if history be any indication of the future) squabbling about the validity of scripts. They're legal on the TG NS server.
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      Re: Scripts

      mp_blockscripts is set to 0 on the server.

      That said, there are quite a few purists who look down on the use of scripts, and quite a few scripters who swear by some (though VERY few more basic that pistol and 3jump).

      I tend to fall into the first category, as from my experience, scripts only help the good get better and widen any experience gaps that may have existed before their use.

      To more directly answer your question: no, they are not illegal as such.
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