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Two comments with one Topic...

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  • Two comments with one Topic...

    Two things:

    First, I just wanted to show that I'm still alive and want to play NS, but currently am without a computer to play it on. I'm not leaving TG anytime soon, just sort of in a forced hibernation.

    Second, and more importantly, I wanted clarification on something suggested by this post-

    Originally posted by squeak
    Also, you must realise that TG might not be the warmest place to come to if you are so out of practice. [The following not directed towards you specificaly:] Sure its great to see TG regulars, but just because you are a regular doesnt mean that you are above the rules and gameplay required on the server. Alot of unregistered players are kicked each day simply for not following the rules, the most important of them all is how to play the game.

    We have a lot of regulars and SMs and Admins that hold players to high standards, this IS a TG server after all. Hell, I know I demand these things myself and require the teamwork or else I get on people's cases.

    If you want some help getting back into the swing of things, I know usually wyz or myself will gladly join TeamSpeak and join HLTV with you to explain, show and teach you how to play. I know its difficult to express these things in the server, but hey this is what forums are for :p
    This suggests to me that there is a competence requirement to play on the TG server. I know there are rules relating to gameplay, but it has always been my understanding that so long as you played nice, used teamplay, and didn't cheat you could play on the server. Squeaks post suggests to me otherwise.

    Straight to the point: is there any kind of skill/competence requirement to play on the TG servers?
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    Re: Two comments with one Topic...

    God, I sure hope not. Unless compentence is being equated to courtesy or common sense.


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      Re: Two comments with one Topic...

      You have to have a certain skill level and competancy when it comes to teamwork and communication. With that comes "common sense," and so too should courtesy, at least until the point when these skills and competancies is proven insufficient within the player, who is then likely removed (because he lacks basic intelligence, rudimentary communication, or a fundamental understanding of teamwork).

      Beyond obviously trying your best, you needn't meet any skill measurement when it comes to how "13371y" you implement the team plans which are designed with your participation (limited or otherwise), but you must show an ability to help draft or, at the very least, acknowledge and agree to, those plans.

      If you suck at communication and teamwork, this isn't where you come to learn.

      If you suck so much at a "new game" (especially one as fast as NS) that your otherwise-established competance with regard to teamwork and communication is suffering until you get your feet underneath you, let your team know. If, despite your communicating that special need, you're harrassed, you manage it via PM (to the player and/or an admin).

      If an admin decides you don't have enough of the above to play on the server, you PM the admin and/or Game Officer.

      If all of the above seems reasonable enough to you, congratulations and welcome. If it doesn't, my Inbox awaits any questions.
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