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Idea... Hold a raffle for points?

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  • Idea... Hold a raffle for points?

    Was toying with this idea for awhile... why not hold a raffle for points?

    Most of you have 10000 points + a tagline or a supporting membership, but I thought it would help those saving for a tagline.

    Everyone sends a certain amount of points to Wyzcrak (If he agrees on this, of course (I could, but im pretty sure you guys would rather trust wyz)) maybe 1000 or something to get a ticket (1 ticket per?), and on the 25th, everyone who bought a ticket would have their name put in a hat or something, then randomly drawn. The prize could be 1000 + 1000x every person (Entrance fee)

    Maybe you could add a few new point commands if possible to make it more worthwhile.

    It would need alot of people

    Discuss this, y/n?

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    Re: Idea... Hold a raffle for points?

    It's my understanding that points came about as a reward for playing and helping out the server/community. How would a raffle fit into that?
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      Re: Idea... Hold a raffle for points?

      Every Admin and SM has points that they no longer need, and should be encouraged to give their own points away to regulars as a reward for being a good community member (community builds upon itself). I don't like the idea of a raffle for points, but I do believe points should be awarded beyond simply completing a match on the server.




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