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    When I command aliens I typically try to go for 2 upgrade chambers and 2 rt's first thing. I know others on TGNS do this also. I have been speaking to some high level commanders recently who have told me this is a weak strategy. It is stronger to instead put crags by your RT's instead of getting upgrades. The crags give aliens the time to respond to the harvester so it can be saved, aides in combat around the harvester, and marines might kill the crag before the harvester saving you res in the long run. This does not mean you don't get upgrades. It just means you don't get upgrades as soon.


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    I was eventually disappointed with early crags on naturals, but I need to try again.
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      The crags will also give your skulks more life if utilized properly, and will prevent the need to return to the hive/gorge for heals. It's a poor-man's rejuvination. I can see some merit to this.


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        Wyzcrak, I also used to go with early crags and stopped at some point. I don't really remember why.

        Does your memory give you any clues as to why you became disappointed?


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          Somewhat related: remember when up to three crags could stack?


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            They still can stack, there is just a soft heal cap. So if you placed 3 crags they would all heal each other, just not as much as they used to.

            Lesser related: Do you remember when crags has no limit to healing or stacking. I would fill entire hive rooms with crags. Not only did it take an entire marine team to kill a single crag, their FPS dropped to unbearable levels making them easier to kill.




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