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Tod Squad Forever!!!

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  • Tod Squad Forever!!!

    Huge shoutout to Tod Squad for the infested runs Saturday. I feel you guys have got that team spirit together pretty hardcore. Keep on fighting!

    (For those that don't know, you'll have to ask when one of us is on there. We're kind of a big deal.)

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    The HOOT HOOTs are clearly better.


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      I've noticed a few things with the Tod Squad experience.

      - The ideal number seems to be somewhere between 4 and 6 people. More than that and it becomes extremely likely one of you is infested and that even if they don't succeed in infesting all of you, friendly fire will kill a couple others, reducing the squad to one or two members.
      - Communication is key, but listening is a more important component in this equation. If I say we're going to Pipe and one person lags, the infested is likely to nab that person while most of us are out of earshot.
      - It is really hard when I'm chosen to be infested and I've got to try to lure people away.
      - I'm one that absolutely refuses to flat out lie, but nobody cares, I'm still distrusted by most of the server.
      - Wyz is pretty uncommunicative, at all times, unless infested.

      If you keep some distance and everyone goes smooth, the squad tactic can be very mobile and incredibly effective, even when the rest of the server ends up infested. Bert took out the entire server alone after slow disintegration of the squad because the numbers of the swarm were so reduced and they were starving. Roaming and clearing everything is very easy as a pack if the infested are running rampant. If they aren't, we don't have to go much of anywhere.


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        TOD SQUAD!

        Also important to note:
        - Nyon doesn't have a Mic, so he's not going to say anything either. Doesn't mean he's being sneaky.
        - Joining Tod Quad and then being infested makes life really really difficult. Best bet is to try to infest Tod first, since if Tod's dead or infested, the rest of the server immediately distrusts Tod Squad.
        - Keep enough distance between everyone that if someone gets infested, everyone else has time to spin and burn. Being in a little clump is what let Bert and I successfully get everyone in one go when we both started infested (2 in 5 infested in Tod Squad was unlikely!)
        - If Tod Squad is full and clean, the game's been going for a little while, and there's a big lump of infestation somewhere, you probably have to start moving quickly, since the rest of the server is probably dead or infested.

        TOD SQUAD!


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          It isn't so hard being infested in Tod Squad. If you can't nab any of them, you can usually fall behind when the squad moves to a neighboring room. Try becoming infested when you are camping Nanogrid with OrigamiPaper, where if you attack he'll kill you and if you leave, he'll let everyone know you are infested because there is no other reason for you to leave.


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            That's the fatal flaw of the buddy system. 3-5 is the ideal.

            Tod Squad!!!




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