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how long does it take for Semi-reserved spot take to apply

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  • [INFO] how long does it take for Semi-reserved spot take to apply

    I stumbled into one of your servers today about6ish hours ago and im still here loving it (when i can get in - not to bad watching i learn a lil bit from it :D) so i decided to sign on up read through the info and wondered how long it takes to go throughg and how i will know when it has

    any help be great :D

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    Once you've finished reading the Required Reading, you sign the TGNS Primer affirming our rules and tenets.

    Once you've signed the TGNS Primer (having played at least 10 games on TGNS), the game server will start showing the "P" next to your name after a mapchange or two.

    Once the game server is showing the "P" next to your player name, you have the responsibilities and privileges that come with it.
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