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[suggestion] Have a Spec VoiceCom option for commanders only

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  • [suggestion] Have a Spec VoiceCom option for commanders only

    This seems like a simple addition to the spec voice com and would allow spectators to focus only on what the commanders are saying. I mostly would use this if I wanted to learn from an experienced commander through spectating them, without the other comments / call outs. This could be implemented as a separate toggle so it could stack with marine/alien only if you only wanted to hear from 1 commander instead of both, or it could just be another preset option in the menu.

    Anyways, I would love to see this addition to the TGNS server and it would help me learn more effectively from spectating, so hopefully this idea gains a little bit of momentum. :P

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    "Commanders Only" is now an option in the "M > Spec Voicecomms" menu. It limits what you hear to the commanders on both teams. It is not a toggle and does not stack on top of your otherwise selected team. It mutes all other players and limits what you hear to the commanders on both teams.

    Feedback welcome. Please report defects.
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      Working flawlessy for me so far. It's quite interesting to hear only comms because you can see how they try to read each other's strategies :)


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        I'll have to give it a try, thank you - sounds like it might be useful.




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