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Possibly lock infest to a set number of rounds at all times?

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  • Possibly lock infest to a set number of rounds at all times?

    I know some people really like this mod...but most people don't. Sitting through 30 minutes of a mod that some people hate to play just makes them leave the server, myself included. Trying to seed the server a few times today and we finally get enough people to start playing real games....and then 2 or 3 people are able to get an infested map voted in and the server dies again.

    I hate the mod. I really cannot state that enough, but I will put up with a few rounds for the greater good. A few rounds. Like 5 max. Not the eternity it seems like happens every time the mod is started with the server in low pop mode.

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    My observations support the argument that Infested is a weak seeding mechanic. Also, it's best enjoyed among knowledgeable friends. The following will deploy to the game server sometime this week:

    I've not changed how the round limiting works. That is, the round limiting is still only imposed at higher player counts, when there are enough for NS2.

    I've changed the vote logic such that the mod can't be nominated/votedin unless there are at least 20 players on the game server, at which point the unchanged round limiting will then apply.

    So, the mod will be for us less "seeding mechanic among confused, disparate strangers" and more "brief unwind between hard-fought NS2 rounds with friends".

    Guardians/Admins can still use the mapchange command to force the server to Infested (handy if an opinionated group on the seeding server thinks Infested a strong situational option).
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