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chat "swap" to request that specific players swap teams

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  • chat "swap" to request that specific players swap teams

    Voicing pre-game complaints about which team you'd been placed on was once more common than it is these days. Our "switch" chat command has largely converted those complaints into solutions. This "switch" command remains despite the following.

    We've encouraged folks voicing pre-game balance complaints involving other players to name specifically who they'd like to see swapped.

    I've added a "swap" chat command to the game server to let concerned players easily contribute possible solutions.

    Any Primer signer may now use a special chat syntax to identify any two players (maybe including self) they'd like to see swapped pre-game in the name of balance. Those two players have their own chat syntax for accepting. I'll forego precise syntax instructions here -- you'll learn the syntax as you see folks using it on the game server, and typing "swap" alone into chat will show you examples.

    It's only for pre-game use. It's not usable during Captains. Otherwise, it raises any pre-game, forced-start timer to 30s (so targets may have a moment to accept if they so choose).

    You'll see players submitting and accepting "swap" requests via the special chat syntax. Participate as you see fit. Try pre-game to craft teams you think will optimize gameplay.

    If we're lucky, we'll over time collectively hone our pre-game swapping skills just as we do gameplay skills, such that we can get better and better at crafting compelling teams before play begins.

    As always, targets aren't forced to comply. It's optional.

    Feedback welcome. Please report defects.
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    The MOD is working great so far. The only real problem I see with it is that 30 seconds is not enough time to explain to people unfamiliar with the mod how it works and what we are asking of people. This issue will become less of a problem over time, since we are usually only trading regulars, so not sure if it really needs to be addressed at all.

    One issue that may come up is when more than 1 person need to be swapped to even out the team skill levels. Usually only a few people know the players well enough to see such an imbalance, but if each of them can only suggest a swap once, and they may have to suggested the same swap more than once while explaining it, the limit on the number of recommended swaps could have a limiting effect on enabling balanced game play. Probably won't be an issue with full teams of primers, but more of an issue before then when all of the primers may end up on one side.




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