When the pre-game force-start timer (green center HUD text) is on the screen, occupying both command structures no longer starts the game. In this force-start context, the only thing that will start the game before the timer's expiration is both Commanders typing 'ready' into chat. I've updated the HUD text to educate everyone.

Otherwise, if the green force-start timer expires, the game force-starts -- no differently than it always has.

Typing 'unready' into chat will unready the team if the other team hasn't yet readied -- regardless, everyone answers to the countdown timer.

Only Commanders can type ready/unready, and a Commander exiting the Command Structure (or leaving the team, or disconnecting) will automatically unready that team (and announce as much) if the other team hasn't yet readied.

Unchanged: if the game force-starts without a Commander, someone on that team will start with 0 personal resources. This remains a concern in the 'ready/ready' scenario -- there are a few seconds between both teams readying (at which point imminent game start is advertised on the screen) and the game force-starting due to ready/ready -- during these few seconds, both teams are wholly unable to unready by any means, so you want to avoid hopping out of the command structure during these few seconds -- if you /do/ hop out, observe the game-start advertisement and use the remaining second or two to immediately hop back into the command structure so that your team has a Commander when the game starts.

This brings more stability to pre-game roster management and/or brief team planning when the server is dominated by regulars, as the timing of game starts will be better controlled.

Feedback welcome. Please report defects.