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    Tonight there was a small discussion. We had an non-regular command. His first orders as commander were to please listen to him, go bite RT's, and communicate where marines were. As far as I could tell, only about 1/3 of the team did as he asked at first. It was worse than that. One particular regular was making contrary calls to the commander. When hearing this, the commander asked that the team listen to him as the commander. He cited that TGNS is a server of communication and teamwork. Worse yet, this non-regular commander was called a problem in primer chat. Someone said he was being harsh.

    I have seen non-regulars be removed from the server for far less of an offense than this particular regular who was making contrary calls to the commander. There are regulars on TGNS who command often who are often far harsher than this non-regular was being. The non-regular commander had a simple request. I am saddened to see TGNS apply such a double standard, not just in rules, but in the attitude of our regulars.

    I fear TGNS suffers from an echo chamber of ideas. An echo chamber is a metaphorical description of a situation in which information, ideas, or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside a defined system. TGNS is in many ways a very exclusive community because of its many rules. This has certain advantages that make TGNS what it is, but at the same time TGNS has eluded itself from the outside community. I find it disconcerting to see a very knowledgeable non-regular being called a problem player for merely asking that TGNS players follow their own rules. TGNS players should be better than this. TGNS players are better than this.

    I believe this non-regular was not listened to as a commander, and called a problem player because he was simply a non-regular. TGNS players do not know him, nor trust him. It is sad that we TGNS regulars were not more inclusive. I ask that TGNS players try to be aware of the echo chamber, and avoid a double standard. I can think of few other servers I have enjoyed as much as I do TGNS. We are all better than this. Let us strive to be a more open community while maintaining what makes TGNS great.

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    The spirit of this is good.

    This stuff generally works itself out as anyone plays more on the server. Anyone looking to judge and depart will have ample opportunity.

    I've been enjoying all the new regulars on the server lately.
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      I'll own up to this and say I was the guy that said he was being harsh. The orders were great but it felt like the moment stuff didn't go quite right or response was sluggish it sounded like he started attacking the server implying we were hypocrites which is why I reacted the way I did.

      I am saying what I did was right? No, it was an overreaction but I felt the need to explain why.

      Edit: I would like to also add that I don't condone the actions of not following his orders or counter-commanding but merely wanted to explain the what and why of what I did wrong. The only thing I took issue with was how quickly he went from 0 to 100 on the attitude. Perhaps I was a bit sensitive and defensive and I'm sorry for that.
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